Dhakan Jewellers

It is because of Gold Souq that Dubai is known as the city of Gold and is a tourist destination for the Emirates. Some might find it odd, but the Market has the oldest construction with intense security. 


Conceptualize, Drawings, Site Supervision and Execution


Gold Souq

Dhakan is the parent company of Mashoon, this is where my journey with commercial design started. They own 4 stores within Gold Souq. Dhakan Jewelers has love for rustic copper shade, we elaborated that all over their stores. As the construction of Gold Souq is oldest, they sometimes tend to have unique layout which we utilized as not only a testing area but added a gigantic safe, it was almost like speakeasy passage. The store continues the same feel of warm colors and wood work. One of the attraction is also the huge rectangular chandelier bringing lot of attention to customers. 

jewellery 1 final.jpg